Low rider stands

The Low Rider Atlas Amp Stand preserves the appealing proximity effect that adds bass response when a speaker is close to the surface of a the floor or wall folds closed and has attachment points allowing you to carry it over your shoulder using your guitar strap. It has an average tilt angle of 14-16 degrees and an average lift of 4.5 inches at the back of the cabinet. The Low Rider adds definition and clarity to bass response without sacrificing low end.

  • protective high density felt isolates amp from amp stand
  • pointed feet isolate amp stand from floor
  • leather closure strap
  • custom width, depth, and backrest height


Popular Upgrades, Guitar Stand can be built into the front of the Low Rider base. A matchingTable Top is another popular addition that stores inside the base of the stand when not in use. A Table Top allows an amplifier head to sit safely upon a tilted speaker cabinet.