Unlock the way for a new sound experience

and make the sound culture inclusive for all

TIMMPI is born from a collective passion : “Music & its Technologies”

TIMMPI launched in 2018 IMMERSIVE LIVE, the full tactile based solution to improve and make accessible Live, gaming/VR and cinema experiences.

The SUBPAC Exclusive Distributor & Integrator (SUBPAC is a revolutionary patent-pending tactile bass technology that transfers low frequencies directly to your body and provides you with a physical dimension to audio. It has a wide variety of audio-based applications, including as a studio tool for producers allowing for accurate monitoring and cross-referencing of low end frequencies, as well as creating an exciting new experience for music listeners.)

TIMMPI encourages culture establishments to team up with the deaf and those with limited hearing to think of ways to make their venues and programmes inclusive for all.

TIMMPI RECORDS is a collaborative music label helping artists to spread their creation and visibility through the FEEL SUBPAC project, making available all the resources and assistance necessary for the artist realizations.



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