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The leading technology of  invisible audio solutions in all environnements

The game changer for background music in any location. RA (Revolution Acoustics) changes the way you think about speakers!

We want to change the way you think about speakers.

Revolution AcousticsModel presented: SSP6

Join the Revolution

Join the Revolution

We’re changing the way you think about loudspeakers. While others promise ‘immersive audio’, Revolution Acoustics truly delivers it through constant-SPL, completely consistent audio coverage throughout the listening space. Our SSP6 Multiducers take transducer technology to the next level, bringing a more compelling audio experience to users. With their high power handling, superior fidelity and outdoor-rated design, these invisible speakers give you an outstanding, immersive, audio experience.

How it works

Traditional cone-type speakers have been around for more than a century and have been plagued by the same problems all along: Limited coverage area. Unintelligible sound as soon as you move away from the center of the speaker.

Too-loud or too-soft volume, again depending on how close you are to the speaker.

“There’s a different way to handle audio, and it turns out to be a great value proposition for you while creating a compelling experience for your customers.”

The SSP6 excites the substrate to create a massive planar radiator.

These Planar waves form a virtual bubble of non-point source sound, engulfing the entire space in audio that is of even level throughout the frequency spectrum.

We call this Constant SPL Audio.

The DML technology

What is DML Technology?

Distributed Mode Loudspeaker technology utilizes planar wave physics to deliver professional-grade, full frequency audio via rigid panels (drywall, ceilings, ceiling tiles, window panes, wood cabinets, etc.). The sound created by DML technology is similar to that created from the body of an acoustic guitar or piano soundboard – high fidelity and completely immersive.

It’s like having a wall full of speakers, creating a massive planar acoustic wave. This wave radiates out evenly from the surface, providing constant sound pressure level (SPL) throughout the listening space – unlike the uneven pattern provided by traditional cone speakers. Because there are no hot spots in the audio, feedback loops into microphones are also eliminated.

Revolution Acoustics products are protected by numerous US and worldwide patents.

The problems: Beaming, “Hot and Cold” spots, very small “sweet spots” for listening

Conventional cone speakers “beam” the sound signal in a conical pattern, leaving large areas of the room without effective coverage.


The higher the frequencies, the more pronounced the beam effect. The result is muddy audio as you move off-axis from the center of the speaker. You also experience “hot” and “cold” audio from the speaker’s coverage, either too loud or not loud enough. The beaming effect creates a third problem, that of “sweet spots”. In home installations, careful attention is paid to placement of chairs in a listening area to ensure that ears are in line with the cone speakers’ high frequency content. This greatly limits what you can do with room setup and also makes it difficult for anyone moving around a room to enjoy the audio experience.

The Solution:

Revolution Acoustics SSP6 Multiducers™ solve this problem by equally radiating all frequencies across the space of the panel, using bending wave physics.


With Revolution Acoustics technology, sound is consistent across the entire plane. It diminishes at a rate of its distance (1/d) so at the same 10 foot distance from the radiating surface, the sound quality is orders of magnitude better than audio coming from cone speakers, and completely fills the room. For stereo or surround imaging, multiple SSP6 units can be separated within the space to build a “bubble” of sound that intersects for a whole-room sweet spot (or sweet “area”).

The Value Proposition:

Revolution Acoustics speakers can save time and money.

Because conventional speakers have conical waveforms, you need to install many of them in order to more effectively cover an area – and you still end up with hot and cold spots and off-axis muddiness.

Superior coverage can be achieved in the same space using fewer Revolution Acoustics SSP6 units. This brings a substantial savings in installation time and requires less wiring. Because the SSP6 was designed for high power handling, even high-acoustic-energy installations such as bars can take advantage of the Revolution Acoustics solution.

Magic? Not really – it’s just good science put to work to help resolve nearly all sound reinforcement applications.

The patented SSP6 Multiducer™

A Revolution in Speaker Technology.

The patented SSP6 Multiducer™ (Multifunctional Transducer) brings a revolution to not only invisible audio, but all kinds of installed speaker applications. Its sheer performance with high fidelity audio, high power handling and constant SPL throughout a listening space mean it’s the perfect speaker for sound masking, conference rooms, retail, restaurant, hospitality, house of worship, transportation and other commercial uses; its performance combined with fully invisible installation make it ideal for high end residential use.

The SSP6 Multiducer is a new class of product for transforming rigid surfaces – walls, ceilings, tables, windows, vehicles, and other surfaces – into full range audio speakers. It employs a different subset of acoustical physics – bending wave physics – giving you a true Distributed Mode Loudspeaker (DML) with no hot spots or off-axis high frequency dropoffs. (Read more about the technology behind the SSP6 here.)


SSP6 Multiducers install directly onto a surface and installation is accomplished in a matter of minutes. The secret to our ultra-fast installation is the RevLoc™ mounting plate. This plate is adhered to the surface (see the SSP6 Installation Guide for more information) and the SSP6 is screwed into place on the RevLoc. It’s that easy! No tools are needed. The SSP6 is UL certified for use in plenum spaces and IP66 rated for extreme weather and marine applications.

The Revolutionary Choice for Sound Masking.

Because coverage is so broad and even, a single SSP6 unit can take the place of up to 9 “emitters” traditionally used in sound masking applications – saving money not only in equipment costs, but in labor and wiring. Combine it in 70V mode with our revolutionary RevNet 2140 amplifier, which incorporates a customizable sound masking generator, and you can install a comprehensive sound masking system for at a surprisingly low cost.

Read more about how to use the SSP6 in sound masking.


Specifications SSP6 Multiducer
Impedance 8Ω (70.7V and 100V compatible)
Frequency Response 45Hz – 20KHz (unequalized)
Max Power 200W (instantaneous peak)
Max Continuous Power 24W unenclosed, 15W enclosed
IP Rating IP66 Certified – water and dust proof
Regulatory UL 2043 listed
Weight 1.50 lbs (0.68 kg)
Dimensions 2.10” H x 2.70” W (53.5mm H x 69.0mm W)


Expanded Specifications

  • Frequency range full bandwidth: (unequalized) 45Hz – 20KHz
  • Subwoofer not required
  • Power handling up to 200W (instantaneous peak)
  • Compact 2.7” Ø X 2.1” high (69mmØ X 53.5mm high)
  • Weight (Individual): 0.68 Kg / 1.5 Lbs.
  • Impedance: 8Ω
  • Recommended amplifier per channel wattage: 60W – 120W
  • Max. Continuous Thermal Power: 15 W totally enclosed, 24W unenclosed
  • Transducer Accelerated Life test: fully enclosed passes EIA 426B at 9.4V (recommended amplifier power rating of 30W) 8 hour test 23C ambient
  • Transducer Accelerated Life test: unenclosed passes EIA 426B at 12.0V (recommended amplifer power rating of 48W) 8 hour test 23C ambient
  • IP66 Ingress protection certified – water and dust proof
  • Packaging: 2 per box
  • Package weight: 1.55 Kg / 3.5 Lbs.

Download the SSP6 cut sheet

Download the SSP6 Installation Guide



Everyone wants to sit in the sweet spot and in a typical situation speaker, dispersion and frequency are different in different seating areas.

The SSP6 allows you to produce an immersive sound field where everyone enjoys the same experience.



For installers

  • Better coverage with fewer units

  • High power handling

  • IP65 rated for use in dusty, wet or humid environments

  • Fast, easy installation

For users

  • High fidelity audio

  • Consistent volume throughout the listening space

  • No off-axis intelligibility problems

  • Invisible installation (improved aesthetics)


Revolution Acoustics was born from the inquisitive minds of industrial product strategists and the principles of planar wave physics. Founder Bob Katz, whose industrial design firm has brought innovative designs to prominent brands worldwide, created Revolution Acoustics to solve the problem of inconsistent loudspeaker coverage.

Recognizing that traditional cone loudspeakers would always be plagued by the same concerns in high frequency dropoff and varying off-axis levels, Katz turned to the planar wave physics of Distributed Mode Loudspeakers, or DML. By using transducers to excite a rigid surface, sound is created in the same way an acoustic guitar or piano soundboard generates its immersive and accurate audio reproduction. But unlike other transducer products, which lack low end content and cannot handle much power, the Multiducer design generated by Katz’ team, and brought to the market in 2014, offers full fidelity along with high power handling that enables its use across a wide scope of applications.

The technology behind the SSP6 Multiducer carries numerous US and worldwide patents, and the SSP6 is IP66 rated for use in extreme environments.

SSP6 Multiducers have been used worldwide in installations ranging from five star hotels to high end shopping plazas to luxury yachts.

They trust us!

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