TiMMPi UHF Transmitter – T1.0





The TX-50RF is the most powerful UHF transmitter on the market designed for “Silent Disco”. It can transmit high fidelity audio to any device (SUBPAC, Headphones, Speakers, etc.). It allows a large transmission distance, up to 500 meters. Works only with UHF receivers by TIMMPI.

* Wireless stereo transmitter(max 4 channels)
* Low and High transmission power option
* Display for current working channel
* Press button for different channel selection
* Special design for party and event use
* Range over 500 meters (1500 feet)
* Transmitter with metal shell
* Outstanding antenna to reach a longer distance

Technical Data:

 System  UHF/RF
 Modulation  FM
 Mode  stereo
 Frequency  863MHz/925MHz band
 Channel option  Maximum 4 channels
 Effective range  Up to 200 meters(600 feet) in Low power
Over 500 meters(1500 feet) in High power
 Power supply  DC 12V adapter


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