TIMMPI UHF receiver


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The Timmpi UHF receiver is the wireless receiver designed for any device (SUBPAC, Earphone, Headsets, etc..) by 3.5mm audio cable. 2 or 3 channels are available.
Only works with the TIMMPI Transmitter.

* Wireless stereo receiver
* 2 or 3 channels version are both available
* With lights to indicate different channels
* Slide switch for the channel selection
* Individual volume control
* Small and ultralight design
* Belt clip for easy wearing
* 3.5mm output jack for any wired headset or earphone

Technical Data:

 System  UHF/RF
 Modulation  FM
 Mode  stereo
 Channel option  2 or 3 channels
 Signal-to-noise ration  >75dB
 THD  <1%
 Frequency response  20~20000Hz
 Operation time  20 hours
 Power supply  lithium battery


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