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Your spectators are there. Make them hear you.

Whether you are a performance hall, an artist, a cinema, a sports club, or an event organizer, you know how important sound is to convey emotions and make your performances unforgettable moments.

All the emotion of live sound in the ear, and in high-definition

With Supralive®, you can now guarantee each of your spectators, without gauge limitation, and thanks to 5G or WIFI, the best place in terms of sound quality.

The Live sound. But better

Supralive®, the first individual listening solution for normal hearing and hard of hearing people

Supralive®, the first individual listening solution for normal hearing and hard of hearing people

Unique on the market, Supralive® allows the hearing impaired to improve perception during live events thanks to 4 specific features:

Sound at the source

Users benefit from sound coming directly from the sound engineer’s front-of-house console

Live personalization

Personalizing the sound in real time during a live event based on your hearing is finally possible! (volume, equalization, balance, etc.)

Access to multitrack

The volume of each instrument can be adjusted separately according to its hearing

Calibrated sound

Our mobile application integrates an analysis of users’ hearing profile in order to offer them sound perfectly suited to their hearing

Combine premium experience, profitability and accessibility on your next shows

Make a difference to your viewers by enriching your service


Supralive® addresses all audiences, hearing impaired people equipped or not with normal hearing

Custom made

Each viewer benefits from uncompressed and customizable HD sound perfectly suited to their listening needs

Plug N’play

Compatible with any type of console


Profitably quickly by offering Supralive as an option to your customers and spectators. Enlargement of the event gauge. Couponing system available

Enrich your festival with a unique sound experience with Supralive®

Supralive®, the perfect headphone listening solution for festival goers!

-> Install SupraLive at your next festival with ease: SupraLive is “Plug‘n play” on all types of consoles.

-> Deploy SupraLive wherever you want: cover the entire venue, or offer it in dedicated areas (VIP areas, terraces, partner stands, backstage, PRM access, etc.)

-> Offer your festival-goers the opportunity to take advantage of the service directly via the SupraLive application, or from your own applicatione.

-> Offer SupraLive listening on one stage or several. When several concerts take place simultaneously, your spectators will even be able to choose the stage they wish to listen to live, remotely.

-> Decide on the conditions of access to the service: free, paid, price, etc. With its ultra-flexible business model, SupraLive has been designed to meet your needs!

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