About Drumdrops

Drumdrops takes the original sampling concept to the next level by offering you the best live drum tracks and drum samples in the business. Drumdrops focus on the highest quality sound recordings. Using some of the leading drummers, most accomplished and passionate professional producers and engineers, high quality drum kits and some of the world’s best commercial recording studios in the business.

To understand what Drumdrops offers you have to understand how they make their products. Firstly, They record an album of drum tracks in a chosen genre. They use a variety of snares, tune the kits to fit the chosen genre, add percussion where it is needed and focus on getting the best sound possible over a range of different tempos. They always record the drum tracks on to 2″ analogue tape to add warmth, bottom end and tape saturation and where possible they use vintage consoles and microphones. The raw recordings are provided as drum multi-tracks giving the user total control. Choose between ambient or close mics, from subtle to bombastic, distort and echo or over the top compression FX, trigger samples or claps. Or, use noisegates or drum synth FX for a vintage 80s style.

The multi-tracks are then mixed into a variety of drum stems including full kit, percussion, kick drum and snare and these make up our stems pack which is perfect for those of you who do not want to experiment with mixing but want to build a track easily with the ability to have some control over the individual drums.

Finally, they take the stem packs of each drum track and chop them up into about seven four bar drum loops which are provided as Apple Loops, WAVs and Rex 2 files making it possible to load them into any drum machine or sampler. You can purchase each pack on a track by track basis or by the album.

During the recording session they also sample up each drum and cymbal in multiple velocity levels. A Painstaking job. The then set to work in providing you with three different sample packs. These packs are made to be as versatile and useful as possible so that you can load them into any software sampler, drum machine or DAW out there. To find out more about our formats click here.

Great care and attention to detail has been taken to make sure all our titles are world class, user friendly and inspirational. With over 400 drum tracks we cover multiple genres including Hip Hop, Ska, Reggae, Disco, Funk, Rock, 70s Americana, New Wave, Pop and more are being added. Their tracks are loaded with attitude and guaranteed to inspire to the maximum.

The products are perfect for songwriters, musicians, engineers and producers. As long as you have proof of purchase everything is royalty free available to be used again and again.

Drumdrops was started by Mike Pelanconi aka Prince Fatty who is the mastermind behind the dub tracks. In 2010 Mike teamed up with Miloco Studios, the largest commercial studio group in the world. Now we are recording and mixing the best live drum tracks & sample packs, with leading producers and drummers in recording studios that are used to delivering hit after hit.

If you want to receive the best offers you should sign up for an account today as we only announce the best discounts in our newsletters. When you sign up Drumdrops will add a free multi-track, stem pack and loop pack to your account and give you 20% off your first purchase. From time to time, for those who purchase, you will receive a free track from our latest release.

Text source: DRUMDROPS.COM