The new sound experience
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What is Immersive Live?

The full audio tactile based solution to improve and make accessible live, gaming, VR and cinema experiences.

Powered by SUBPAC

Advanced technologies

Sound culture for all

Immersive Live is based on the patented Subpac technology, the tactile bass system that delivers a new physical dimension, enhancing the sensations of any sound experience.

With a synergy of advanced technologies (haptics, proprioception, bone conduction, RF audio transmission, unified charging system complies with standards of establishments open to the public), we have developed a unique offer on the market, IMMERSIVE LIVE.

IMMERSIVE LIVE guarantees to the locations and programmers
the benefit of the most powerful devices on the market in terms of immersion and accessibility.

Guaranteed emotions

Wall of sound anywhere

Augmented immersion

The SUBPAC are revolutionizing the way we approach music and provide users an access to new sensations called "audio physical". An immersion of the senses that provokes infallibly, the astonishment and desire to do it again.

It is no longer necessary to be close to the stage to feel the sensations of live, this specificity opens new perspectives of applications for event organizers. In addition to providing a total immersion, the device is also silent.

The transmitted frequencies multiply the visual immersion and add a physical dimension allowing to feel all the subtleties of the sound universes of the spectacles, experiments or projections.

Cultural practice

Mixed audience

The return of the deaf public

With a versatile solution, we work with the places in the creation of cultural workshops using "Immersive Live" for musical awakening, MAO, Beatbox, Dance, experimentation and many more...

Musical performances are very rarely adapted to the hearing impaired and even less to the deaf. In the equipped venues, we are witnessing a real mix of audiences around a common passion, music.

The precision of the solution enables to experience the music better than with any other device. Particularly suitable for the profoundly deaf with and without implants, it can be used by the hearing-impaired public to complement another solution. We are currently working with specialized centres to highlight the advantages of using low frequencies on people with autism, in terms of access but also cultural practice.


Compatible with any experience

Indoor & Outdoor Concerts

Operas & Symphonies



Museum & Arts

Music schools

Specialized institutes

Theme & VR/AR parks


Meeting the requirements of establishments open to the public

Audio Tactile Vests

SUBPAC X1 Live version

The Patented Wearable Audio Tactile Bass System (available in dec 2022)

Initially designed for musicians, this version of the Subpac meets the requirements of public spaces. The “Live” version features an on-board UHF transmission device, customized connectivity, and professional battery management.

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WOOJER Live version

The 360° immersive experience

It verberates precise frequencies throughout your entire body, delivering a unique and mesmerizing experience. The Ocsi™️ TRX2 oscillators were redesigned to deliver the most Powerful & Accurate™️ haptic feedback ever. The 6 oscillators operate independently and are positioned strategically within Vest 3 to facilitate 360-degree, full-surround perceptual inference. .

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Transportation & Storage Cases


The Latest Generation & Customised professional patented cases

Designed to optimise storage, recharging, transport and loans.

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Unified Charging Systems


The patented and NF-certified electrical safety system

Compliant with the safety standards of the ERP (establishments receiving the public).

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Sensorial Devices

Pro Audio Transmission

Pro Audio Recording


The First Full Frequencies Audio Tactile Device (coming up at the end of 2022)

Feel music by contact (hand or other part of the body) from 50 to 20 kHz and transform any surface, wood, glass, plastic, etc. on a sound diffusion surface.

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  • UHF, Wifi and multichannel HD systems
  • Induction neck loops
  • Indoor & outdoor solutions

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    • Indoor & outdoor
    • Electric & acoustics instruments


Inclusive solution for the deaf and hearing-impared


Worldwide unique solution


Complies with standards of establishments open to the public


24/7 customer service, defective units replacement less than 72h

They talk about us!

Backpacks that make those who can not hear music vibrate.

“I had never tried something like that, my only experience
with music had been to get close to a speaker in a nightclub”,
explains a visual poet with congenital deafness.

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"That's what's most important about this project: festivals can be places of social innovation where we discover devices that make life easier for people." - La Croix 01/31/2019

Pascal Andrieux
CEO of the Malakoff Médéric Disability Foundation

Our last installation at the Théâtre de Nîmes (France)

"The day before, I saw the same show near a wooden railing, I did not feel much, there the emotion went through my body, I spotted the instruments and even the voices . " - Midi libre 02/02/2019

Deaf of hearing receptionist

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